Unicampos S.A.

What do Unicampos S.A. and Timbó S.A.G.A.F.I. offer to foreign investors?

The Managing Group leaded by Unicampos S.A. has been in the Argentine Republic since 1969. It was originally created by swiss-italian families, and some of them are still shareholders.

In almost 30 years it has purchased important areas of the countryside. Likewise, until 1976, it participated actively in the export of cereals, oleaginous and derived products, and due to this it has wide knowledge in the field of international trade of theses products.

Nowadays the Group is the owner of 6 farms and ranches with 67.200 hectares in the best agricultural and cattle zones of Argentina.

Our farms
If you wish to invest in lands in Argentina, Unicampos S.A. y Timbó S.A.G.A.F.I. offer you, whether for sale or through any kind of association, the chance to have the best farms for crop or cattle exploit.

Likewise, we offer our wide knowledge in domestic and regional financial and farming markets (Mercosur), and our experience as exporters.

If you are interested in investing in farms in the Argentine Republic, do not hesitate, contact us, by e-mail, fax or telephone and immediately one of our directors will get in touch with you personally.

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