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Description of the farm:


Santa Rosa Location

It is located in the Departament of Rosario and San Lorenzo, Provice of Santa Fe, next to the town of Roldan. It is 7 Km (4.5 miles) from the National Route N9, and 30 Km (19 miles) from Rosario, in the so-called Corn region of the Argentine Republic. It is the area with the highest real state values of the country. This is because the climatic characteristics and the soil are good. The farms situated there are considered among the best in the world in respect to its farming potential.

Roads and Access:

From Buenos Aires you can get to the farm by taking the highway which connects Buenos Aires and Rosario. The distance from the city of Buenos Aires is 330 Km. (205 miles)

Shape and Surface:

Santa Rosa Map

The total surface is 2.396 hectares (5,920 acres) and its shape is an irregular polygon, directed E-W.

Climatic Conditions:

Hydric index subwet-wet. The average rainfall per year ranges between 900 and 1.000 mm. (35" to 40") The average temperature per year is about 17.5C.(63.5F) The relative annual average humidity reaches 74%. The period free from frosts reaches 270 days a year.

Edaphic Conditions:

It has soils like Brunizem Prairies (Argiudoles). They are soils with generous-muddy soils, good capacity for water retention, they are not subjet to floods, with a lot of organic matters and nutrients. They are subjet to hydric erosion. In respect to its potential they are considered the best soils in the planet.

Current Exploit:

In this farm we find basically two kinds of soil, 1.350 hectares (3,335 acres) for growing crops and 1.600 hectares (3,955 acres) for raising animals.

soya field

The principal activity of production is constituted by agriculture, being the region of the province where the best performance per hectare can be obtained. They mainly cultures are Soya, Wheat, Lentil, Peas, Corn and Sunflower, allowing two crops per year.

sunflower field

The animal farming activity is an excellent alternative for the farms areas that cannot be exploited with agriculture, due to the excellent climatic and soil conditions. According to this, the posibility of improving the land, by installing in the farms artificial pasture with materials adapted to the area and of high nutritional value, such as Paspalun, Bromus, etc. and other tecniques such as the mixture of sowing of natural pasture and leguminosae of the clover type is really interesting. These more intensive ways of handling the activity, could correct cattle performance, and enable to get annual average values of 200 Kg. of meat per hectare.


Apart from the exploits already mentioned, which make the land highly profitable, it has a high real estate value, because it is located on an important paved route, which allows different posibilities of investment due to its being near a city like Rosario, that has a big population and an important industrial area.

Main House horses

Thus, a project for the instalation of a Country Club on 510 hectares (1,260 acres) with an exit to the paved route N16 has been developed. This Country Club would take advantage of the previously restored, old house which is the main house of the farm as well as the facilities for the maintainance and raising of horses.


Improvement of work:


The farm is divided in 40 cattle ranches, which allow an excellent management. It has perimetrical wiring with poles of quebracho and sticks of curupay, with six threads of regular wire of 17/15 with high resistance and two threads of barbed wire.

Lanes and Corrals:

The farm has a lane made of hard wood with a 15 meters long per 0.80 meters deep per 1.50 meters tall box with mechanic clamp, two doors used to divide the cattle and four divisory gates. There are two lateral detours: one to the loading area, and another one to the washing area. The latter is made of material (concrete) and it has a capacity of 18.000 liters. It also has a tank to prepare a washing area for their hooves of 500 liters, including a pump used to be filled. In the exit of the control area there is a roofed scale for 10 animals.
The whole lane is made of paraguayanhigh quality lapacho wood .
At the entrance of the facilities there is a circular large corral for enclosing the animals. Behind this corral, there is a round corral at the exit of the roofed scale, and divisory corrals, each of them with a semicircular shape. Finally, there is a lateral corral which connects the enclosure corrals with the divisory ones, giving the facilities a confortable shape for the cattle activity.

Mills and Watering Places:

The farm has 15 watering places. The mills have towers of 21 to 27 feet and machinery with a wheel of 8 feet. Most of the tanks are made of concrete of about 12 meters of diameter. There are 36 watering places, most of them also made of concrete.


In the area of the principal farm house there is a plant of silos with three roofs and an elevator. One is DURANY aerial silo, and has a capacity for 120 tons.


Main House

Main House: It is more than 90 years old. It has a covered surface of more than 680 m2 (7,320 sq.feet), and needs to be restored due to its years of use. It has electricity and telephone.

Houses for the personnel: There are 4 houses for the personnel.


Warehouses: There are two warehouses, which altogether have 430 m2 (4,630 sq.feet) covered with walls made of material, and a two sided metal roof.
Next to one of the warehouses, there are 9 boxes made of wood devoted to raise and take care of mares.


Shed Roofs: There is a shed roof prepared with boxes devoted to raise different breeds of cattle. It has a cinc roof, of 28 meters long and 9 meters wide (92 x 30 feet). There is another shed roof similar to the first one but it does not have boxes.
Finally, there is another shed roof next to one of the houses of the personnel. It is about 220 m2 (2,370 sq.feet), with only one open side.

The facilities of the main house, as well as the boulevards leading to it, are marked with old eucalyptus.

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