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Why is it profitable to invest in breeding and agriculture in Argentina?









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Since the big immigrations of the second half of the XIX century, the vast extension of the "pampeana" prairie have been devoted to extensive farming and cattle breeding, turning Argentina into the barn of the world.

The national area includes from the Tropic to the parallel 52, with climates ranging from Subtropical to Subantarctic. It is for this reason that allows crops of all kinds of cereals, oleaginous and legumes, as well as the farming of the most diverse breeds of cattle.

The technology in agriculture and in the cattle production, which has occured recently, turns the Argentine farm in one of the most profitable of the world due to its relation price/production.

This is due to the insertion of Argentina in the global economy, which has reduced the taxes over exports to the minimun, allowing the producers to sell their products at international prices, reduced only for the freight cost. We have to mention that in some fields the Argentine products have bonus over similar products manufactured in other parts of the world due to their excellent quality. Among them the most important are: meat, white wheat, durum wheat, durum corn, etc.

Lastly, the intefration of Argentina to Mercosur, a common market with 300 million of inhabitants, puts the food production in an excellent situation. In fact, Argentina is practically the only member of Mercosur which is distinctly food exporter.

According to the international trend of producing food with high nutritional value, a big area of the "pampeana" prairie is now devoted to the crop of soya. Likewise, near the main ports state-of-the-art oil manufacturing plants have been installed.

The increas of cultivated areas has displaced the cattle breeding to areas less suitable for intensive farming, thus showing the excellent aptitude of the "chaqueña" and "mesopotamica" praires for cattle breeding.

This same lands, virgins in the past, are nowadays exploited in an intesive way with crops that can adapt themselves to Tropical climates, such as cotton, sunflower, rice, etc.

The insertion in the global market is obliging the Argentine producers, who until a decade ago used only intensive systems, to restructure themselves and adopt intensive crop systems, breeding and fattening of cattle in order to compete under better circumstances in the international markets.

Likewise, the important areas located in the same exploit area decrease dramatically the costs of managing in relation to other countries where the land has been subdivided in smaller parcels.

In the last years, important foreign entrepreneurs attracted by the future of an activity under restructuring, have invested large amounts of money in farms in the Argentine Republic. We can mention George Soros, Ted Turner, Luciano Benetton, Maia Swarowski and Sylvester Stallone among the most famous people.



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If you are thinking in farms, Argentina is waiting for you.

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