Newspaper articles

Following are some articles published in different newspapers giving further reasons on why it is convenient to invest in cattle and agriculture in Argentina

CRESUD acquired the agricultural and livestock share of Swift Armour
Clarín, July 4, 1997
Marked growth of meat exports
La Razón, June 17, 1997
The attraction of the countryside
La Nación, June 17, 1997
Corrientes: the Paradise of Forestry
La Nación, June 7, 1997
Historic day for argentine cattle breeding
La Nación, May 29, 1997
Planning of a bi-oceanic railroad union
La Nación, May 26, 1997
Argentine beef gains ground in Europe
La Nación, May 24, 1997
The day argentine beef arrived in the US
La Nación, May 18, 1997
Landing of Argentine meat in the US
La Voz del Interior, May 11, 1997
Opening of a new market
Clarín, May 11, 1997
In George Soros farms the production is higher
Ambito Financiero, May 7, 1997
Optimism among exporters
by María Teresa Morresi, La Nación, May 3, 1997
Argentina will be the great world food reserve
by Domingo Di Nucci, El Cronista Agropecuario, May 2, 1997
Rising predictions for the price of soya
La Voz del Interior, April 29, 1997
Argentina Consolidates Itself in its role of agroexporter
by Domingo Di Nucci, El Cronista Agropecuario, 25 de Abril de 1997
From specialization to diversification the technology of the farm is the engine
by Carlos Abalo, El Cronista Agropecuario, April 24, 1997
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