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Argentina will be the great world food reserve

by Domingo Di Nucci
El Cronista Agropecuario
May 2, 1997

In the next 20 years the international demand for grains, mainly cereals, will increase to almost double the current consumption. The highest buying power of the emergent countries, taking Asia as epicenter, will cause an explosion in the need to produce food. Besides nowadays the data given by FAO (Organization of the United Nations for Agriculture and Food), says that in the planet only 11% of the surface is used in order to obtain food and that 75% of the area of the Earth is not good for the development and growth of plants and animals. But in the future the man, will try to solve this problem even if it is complex for the moment. The progress of biotechnology, the adaptation of new handling techniques and strong investments in the food sector (from the simplest step to high technology) will be the ingredients of a pattern capable of reaching the sought equilibrium. The worst enemy that the production of resources faces is related to the loss of fertility and structure of soils and the changes human beings cause to the environment. In this scene, Argentina is becoming a prominent actor. The fertility of the soils, the good climate and the cultural practices used, that almost naturally respect the equilibrium of the ecological system, foretell a completely encouraging future. The increase in the capacity of consumption in China and India, which altogether have 33% of the world population, will make them the biggest importers of food. The meat has a very important role in this sense. The most conservative calculations indicate that from now till 2020, this source of proteins will have an increase over 75% in the consumption. In the current financial conditions of this country, where confidence in the farming sector was generated under the empire of stability, it is interesting to observe an increase in the sale of machinery, the usage of supplies and higher investments -the opportunities that are open have now unsuspected limits.

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