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In George Soros farms the production is higher

Ambito Financiero
May 7, 1997

At the moment of presenting the last annual balance sheet, Cresud said in advance that "it is our intention to continue purchasing and renting farming and breeding facilities devoted to the obtention of popular products as well as regional products". Its net capital already reaches $ 89,413,315 and it got profits for $ 6,331,993.

The company of the financier George Soros has 13 farms in the provinces of Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Santa Fe, Corrientes, Catamarca and Salta, amounting to a total of 345,410 hectares (853,523 acres) of which 63,139 has (156,019 acres) are being exploited. The corporate strategy is directed to "improve performance, geographical diversification and vertical integration of its products".

In the last campaign, Cresud increased its production of grains by 123 percent (getting 29,542 tons); that of milk by 122 percent (14,556 million of liters) and that of meat by 52 percent (4,673 tons). Its cattle roundup reached 62,608 animals.

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