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Argentina Consolidates Itself in its role of agroexporter

by Domingo di Nucci
El CronistaAgropecuario,
April 25, 1997

The destiny of agro-alimentary exporter is stressed as the increase in global exports and farming exports in particular are observed. Recent data indicates that the sale to foreign countries of products generated in the farm were almost doubled in the 1993 to 1996 period. In 1993 360 million dollars were commercialized, while last year we got shipments for 691 million dollars. Between the beginning and the end of this period there was a growth of 91.94%

Another sign is the number of actors which take part in exports. While in 1995 there were in Argentina 6.500 companies in this field, at the end of 1996 11.000 companies were registered.

The principal products sold were grains, dairy products, tobacco, fruit and vegetables, cotton, wool, tea, yerba and wine. It is clear that the commodities are nowadays simplest expression of exports, but it is worth stressing the role performed by sales with high added value, such as jams, honey (when it is produced in a fractional way), industrialized fruit, cheese and fine wines.

Argentina is the eighth food producer and the fifth when it comes to exports. It is receiving nowadays the visit of many foreign groups that wish to do business and find partners in order to get highly competitive markets. Today, in the national area we have the 10 biggest food producers companies in the world, a sign which must be taken into account to evaluate the potential this country has.

On the other hand, SIAL of Mercosur next August, constitutes a very important milestone in order to observe the level of development and technology which detains the food highly demand by the sectors with high buying power. The way is done to be traveled by the small and medium size companies.

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